Hello, and welcome to the world of Nicksights. Well, they're mostly culled from the work of others, but you know what they say about great artists…

This site is really meant to organize my thoughts for myself - I'm not promoting it or expecting anyone else to find it, but if you do, have fun looking around. If you have comments or content to add, I would be absolutely delighted! It is a wiki, after all, and it doesn't reach its full potential until it has many contributors.

Nicksights: What Has Nick Seen?

Why is it more smarter for casinos to offer free meals than for them to offer free hotel rooms? Do French candle-makers need trade barriers against sunlight?

Are there atheists in foxholes? What is the worst form of government? Should we follow the values of nature?

Why did the Army force the Marines to stop stabilizing villages in Vietnam? Are people more interested in the process, or the results of politics?

How did epidemics help strengthen the early Christian faith? Was the Bible's Creation account the Big Bang? Did early Christianity grow through mass conversions? How does the sex ratio of a religion affect its values?

Does our mind lie to itself to make sense of things? Is evolution a theory, or a fact?

How is the US Marine Corps different from a cult? Are you experiencing "future shock?"

Nickthoughts: What Are Nick's Ideas?

Hey, look, Nick has some thoughts of his own to share? He doesn't just crib from others? Don't get too excited - he only has one link up so far. He's keeping the rest close to his chest.

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About Us…

…"us" being a use of the royal "we". This site is a wiki, meaning that it its structure is meant for contributions from lots of people, but I created it as a structure for all the notes I've taken over the years on interesting topics.

I graduated from UC Davis in 2007 with a degree in International Relations and Economics, which may surprise you since more than half the material on the site so far falls under sociology and religion.

I'm currently working in the public sector in Sacramento, CA. Call me up if you're looking for a CEO for your wealthy nonprofit.

If you have thoughts on any of these articles, please contact me at moc.temruogmaps|yrraban.99.sthgiskcin#moc.temruogmaps|yrraban.99.sthgiskcin.

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