Mr. Belloc Objects

This is a response by H. G. Wells to Hilaire Belloc. Belloc objects to evolution. Says Martin Gardner in Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, “Where is one to place the dozens of well-preserved skeletons which have been found of Neanderthal man—a creature with a low forehead like an ape, a head that hung forward, no chin, and non-opposable thumbs? It was a creature that made fires, and buried its dead with ornamental stones.” An excerpt from Wells’ reply to Belloc (Wells wrote a book supporting evolution called Outline of History), titled Mr. Belloc Objects:

When I heard that Mr. Belloc was going to explain and answer the Outline of History, my thought went at once to this creature. What would Mr. Belloc say of it? Would he put it before or after the Fall? Would he correct its anatomy by wonderful new science out of his safe? Would he treat it like a brother and say it held by the most exalted monotheism, or treat it as a monster made to mislead wicked men?

He says nothing! He just walks away whenever it comes near him.

But I am sure it does not leave him. In the night, if not by day, it must be asking him: “Have I a soul to save, Mr. Belloc? Is that Heidelberg jawbone one of us, Mr. Belloc, or not? You’ve forgotten me, Mr. Belloc. For four-fifths of the Paleolithic age I was ‘man.’ There was no other. I shamble and I cannot walk erect and look up at heaven as you do, Mr. Belloc, but dare you cast me to the dogs?”

No reply.

Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, Martin Gardner.

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