Hello! Nicholas Barry, at your service.

I created this wiki because I wanted to organize all the personal research I had saved on my computer. Word documents don't allow me to link between documents, and linking to outside websites is possible but clunky.

Imagine, much to my surprise, that a tiny fraction of people in the world are actually interested in my summaries! Actually, as of this writing (2007 December 22), most of them have been led here by searches for very obscure texts that I happened to have read and added here.

You'll pardon me if I don't fill out this profile a bit more. Any self-respecting netizen has a plethora of online identities, and it just doesn't make sense to spend oodles of time on each one. It would be impossible to keep them all up to date.

Below are a number of my identities and websites. Your best bet, however, of getting to know me is to contact me by email: nicholas [at) barryscientific [dot) com. (Does that funky punctuation actually fool net-crawling, email-hunting spambots?)

My identities and websites

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